Musings From the Minx

Sadness, rant, and light.

I want to reach out and express my deepest love to the people hurting in Orlando right now. There are no words to express the ugliness of this situation for me. For one person to be full of so much hate, they feel the need to do this heinous crime, is utterly vile.  I can’t comprehend it. I’m unable to grasp how a person can have such hate in them. I honestly don’t have the words to express the anger, confusion, hurt I feel towards this. It’s completely senseless to me.

To the grieving parents, friends, lovers, LGBTQIA community, work colleagues, students, emergency workers, know you are being surrounded by warmth, love, compassion, support of every kind, from all around the globe. As we do every day, to the LGBTQIA community, we’ll stand with throughout this fucked up time too.

The grief is thick, and the road is long, but the light will appear again.


With no way of directing these horrible emotions effectively, I’m going to direct it at Lelo! Yup Lelo.  Why? Oh, let me count the ways.

  1. The number of stupid toys they’ve created the past few years, including a scented vibe? I don’t even know what Tux is supposed to be.
  1. For charging ridiculous prices for, what are becoming, average freaking products. No longer are you the leading brand in sex toys.
  1. The ways Lelo have been marketing, I’m looking at you Pino, a cock ring promoted as ‘The World’s First Sex Toy Exclusively for Bankers’. I’m not sure who did the market research, but I sure bankers didn’t want to be represented as complete arseholes. I wonder which one of the knob heads at Lelo thought images of binge drinking, sexism, fighting, being a jerk, in general, would be a positive thing for the brand? As a sex educator, it represents everything I’m against, and I thought Lelo were too.
  1. For suggesting bankers only have penises! I’m sure there are many vulva owners out there who are bankers also.
  1. For being a multi-million dollar company and putting their latest product on god damn Indiegogo. Wait! What? To be fair they also have it on their website, but in any case, What! Not only do you make more money in a year that I could make in my entire lifetime, but also calling out to the masses to back it for you? Um…No.
  1. Charlie Sheen? Really? WTF? A known abuser with his partners, you’re using him to promote a product which comes from a brand which is all about helping couples connect? What! I think it’s fabulous that the condom is being given an overhaul, not sure how, but if you think you can do it go for it, and the importance of safer sex is being discussed, which is a continuing fight us sex educators have. But Charlie Sheen! Ugh!

I think that’ll do it for now. Lelo what are you doing? Once the leaders in design for adult sex toys, now are so incredibly lost its dumbfounding. I’ve never been really sold Lelo, even if it goes against what the market research says, ‘Lelo is a must for any sex toy shop’, but it isn’t. Lelo has become ridiculously expensive, for us to buy and sell, the quality is dropping, and their branding is all over the place.

I prefer supporting artisan businesses, that take pride and care in their work, and are ethically produced. Like Godemiche, New York Toy Collective, or which are also inclusive and sex –positive too. If you’re after vibrators, check out Fun Factory a German brand which have a variety of toys waiting to please. Or even We-Vibe, a select group of products, but they’re magnificent.

End rant.

Have a great day everyone, and hug your loved ones that little bit more.

Narelle Minx x x x


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