Musings From the Minx

2016, that’s a wrap!


Well, Possums. 2016. It’s certainly been an exciting year. Ups, downs, leaps forwards, steps backwards, whichever way you look, it’s been memorable.

We’ve had our fair share of financial falls, emotional blows, and political shocks. But the one thing which always hits me the most is the ability of humanity to shine through. People have risen to the challenges, faced their foes, become advocates, celebrated their bodies, numerous small businesses begin, and the world is better for it. Through all the dark and questioning times, there is light. I’ve seen it.

For me, The Slinky Minx has been on its own roller coaster journey. My head has banged the desk a few times this year wondering, ‘Is it worth it? Perhaps I need to find a ‘normal’ career? Like jewellery or books?’. In the adult business world, I’ll be honest, I’m no big fish. Marketing certainly has been a struggle, particularly with the ‘anti-sex/pleasure’ social media police about, it makes it tricky for a small business like mine to get off the ground. But if there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s not giving up. I plunder on, hacking my way through the jungle of adult products and sex education until I reach doors and hope they open.

With patience and a lot of man hours. Yup. Lots of those. Doors have begun opening for The Slinky Minx.

Let’s start with

…the Website

Firstly, The Slinky Minx website has been taking on a new, and hopefully, improved feel. I’ve simplified it, creating more clarity, easier navigation, and just a little more fun!  The product descriptions have more flow and are quicker to find the information you want. I’ve created pages to share brimming with more helpful information, e.g., Fab Bloggers, and community health links. Why? All to help build a sex positive Slinky Minx community, with the only expectation of treating people here with respect, including yourself.

…the Blog & Newsletter

It’s no secret,  I’ve struggled with the blog aspect of The Slinky Minx. But with a lot of help from a particular sexy someone, I’ve been working hard and have a plan! It will be based on four key areas; news about the business, sex education, general musings about sex, and random fun posts to ensure The Slinky Minx remains young at heart and provide the odd giggle or three. I won’t lie, it will be a challenge, but I will endeavour to do my best for you.

The Slinky Minx newsletter also has been a little slow, not through lack of trying just lack of management. So, again with outside help and encouragement, I’ve a plan! The last Sunday of each month you can prepare for a page of wonder coming your way. Organisation folks! I love it!

…the Products

What an adventure products have been this year! You may have noticed there’s been a reduction in big brands (fun factory, we-vibe, etc.) and a large increase in handmade brands. The original reason for this came down to the distributors making it increasingly difficult to buy them. With expected monthly minimums ever rising, I just haven’t been able to meet those. So what was the answer? To concentrate on the makers and shakers of sex toys. Which also helps me to fulfil a passion of mine, and that’s supporting small businesses and artists. Big brands might be tricky for me to stock, but by oath, there’s an amazing assortment of small brands out there just waiting to have a home here in Australia. I’ve introduced you to J Caress Studios, Hole Punch Toys, Lickstarter, and Godemiche. And it’s been GREAT! Next year I’m proud to be adding to this list, but I need to keep quiet about these for now, but they’re going to knock your little socks off.

Now for the exciting news

Have you heard of Sex Geekdom International? It’s unique space created by the delightful Kate McCombs (who also created the brilliant tea & empathy workshops) for sex geeks to come together who love sharing information about sex and sexuality. It’s for collaborating, sharing articles and resources, about sex, within a safe, inclusive and celebratory environment. Sex Geekdom is made up of all people, from all backgrounds, with varied interests, in the pursuit of building an active community of sex-positivity, and curiosity. With the odd dirty joke to balance things out.

Sex Geekdom groups are scattered over the world, and I’m proud to be the Sex Geekdom Emissary for Adelaide. If you live in Adelaide or happen to be passing through, email me ( with a note of your interest, and I’ll fill you in on all the juicy details of the first meeting in January.

And Most Importantly

Thank you to you all for supporting The Slinky Minx this year. It has been a rollercoaster, but without you, I wouldn’t have made it this far. Be you recommending my business, liking a post, sharing a post, purchasing from my site, or even taking the time to thank me for the packaging, it all makes my cockles tingle, and full of gratitude. A heart warming THANK YOU to you!

And that’s a wrap!

That’s it for this year Possums. I patiently wait for 2017 to come, to see what the new year unfolds, to welcome new brands, and to meet new people. It’s going to be a blast!

Love and light to you and your family during this festive time, be safe, welcome cuddles, and may the new year have you cheering for more.

Until next year, it’s been a slice!

Narelle Minx x x x

Did I mention the Chinese New Year for 2017 is the year of the Rooster! Oh! The potential puns! It’s going to be too easy!



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