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New Year, New Style!

A top of the New Year to you!

I brought in the year with a Lord of The Rings marathon, fine chocolates and heading to the airport to watch fireworks. Yes, the airport. It’s the best-kept secret in Adelaide! What did you petals do to welcome the new year in? Fireworks watching? Enjoying an expensive wine? However ever you spent it, I hope it was highly enjoyable 🙂

Enough chit chat, lets get down to business.So with the new year comes revived intentions, renewed energy and a lot of ‘new’ in general. But what does that mean for The Slinky Minx?

With the new year comes revived intentions, renewed energy and a lot of ‘new’ in general. But what does that mean for The Slinky Minx?

For me, it means more organisation, facing an arch nemesis ‘The Blog’ head on, and being active on social media. These are HUGE for me, I’m naturally shy, yup I’m a shy sex educator, and being ‘out there’ in the world is scary for me. But if there’s one thing I learnt last year it’s that there is an incredible pool of people willing to help, support and gently push/guide available to me, if asked. As silly as it sounds, I’ve never taken the steps in asking. But in 2016, I did. And now The Slinky Minx is blossoming, finding direction, and becoming a great space because of it. Thank you to everyone by the way! You know who you are, and you ROCK! *Fist Pumps* all round  🙂

But the most important question is what does this mean for you?

More information, stability, particularly with the blog and newsletters, and the building of our community. The Slinky Blog is divided up into four main sections with different purposes

The Slinky Blog has had a makeover and a half, and hours (I say hours!) of help. To help get the most from the blog, I’ve divided up into four main sections:

  • Minx Reports – Site updates, life updates,  a bit of a general update section about The Slinky Minx – but with more zest!
  • Minx Educates – look here for all your sex education needs
  • Musings from the Minx – My personal, honest thoughts/ideas from brands to products, and may be a wee controversial at times.
  • Minxing Around – fun posts anything from the most orgasms achieved in a day to my favourite ten household list of pervertables.

Look out for the monthly newsletter The Minx Monthly, (no, it’s not a reference to menstruation, though may feature articles about it!) on the last Sunday of every month.

In short, my intention for The Slinky Minx this year, is to give you front row access to all aspects of business. Whether you’ve bought a product from, reviewing a product, shared a post, retweeted a tweet, or offered words of encouragement, you’re part of The Slinky Minx community. And I want you to see what you’re part of.

Other than inviting you to my home every week, which I would love to do by the way. Having a good ol’ yarn and Tim Tam Slam, or three sounds yummy. But sharing The Slinky Minx journey through blog posts and newsletter is what’s available to me. And I haven’t been using it. I want you to be in the know, finding out the latest and greatest, what’s new, my ideas, plans for the future of The Slinky Minx. To share my career as a sex educator with you, with tips, how to’s, and the what’s what of sex.

Join me for 2017 in celebrating pleasure, opening up dialogue around sex, being inclusive, furthering our sex education, all within a safe space and building a fantastic, sexually empowered community.

Happy Orgasms Petals!

Narelle Minx x x x


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