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Let’s chat- Sex Toys 101

I just want to say right off the bat, that it’s perfectly fine if you’re not into sex toys. That’s great that you know your personal desires. Sex toys aren’t for everyone, and that’s ok. While this post may not grab you, it may provide you with some knowledge to help someone in the future. No shame in knowledge!

With that important note out of the way, let’s crack on!

Sex toys. Love them or hate them, they’re here to stay. ‘But how can I say that?’ I hear you ask, ‘You can’t possibly know the future.’ True, but having lived and breathed sex for so long, history tells me so. Let’s go back. Waaaay back, back, a pleasure back, back, and a little further, to the palaeolithic era where the first known dildo was discovered by palaeontologists. There is still debate on whether it was for pleasure or ritual, but I’m going with dildo. Why not?!

Skip ahead a bit, and enter the Ancient Greeks and Romans. They sure showed us how to have fun with a bread stick. Then we also have the Chinese and Indians too who included the use of objects for sexual fun. We’ll skip the controversial hollowed dildo filled with bees, by Cleopatra. All I can say is, how innovative of her. Could this have been the first vibrator? Don’t get me started on the beginnings of vibrator manufacturers, to aid women’s ‘hysteria’. Just go here to read all about it before I become too agitated.

Different times, different cultures, all using tools for sexual gratification. Trust me, sex toys are not going anywhere.

So what’s the deal with sex toys? Why do people think they’re great? Why do we use them?

  • Increase accessibility to pleasure
  • Invite more fun and playfulness
  • Allows for further exploration our bodies
  • Increase our sexual repertoire

The above all help us to keep sex fun, to experience pleasure and different sensations, and play with various partners of all shapes, sizes, and abilities. Most importantly, it gives us a way to explore or own bodies and learn what we like, don’t like, love, want more of. This will lead to healthier sexual experiences alone, and with partners. Sex empowerment for the win! Who’s with me?

So what is a sex toy? Essentially it’s a tool used to aid pleasure during masturbation, sex, and/or warming up to sex, or a BDSM session and so forth. They’re just toys for adults to enjoy and explore with to increase our pleasure. They’re an adult version of a child’s toy box. Often there’ frowned upon, considered bad, taboo, weird, shaming, but why can’t adults play? If it doesn’t hurt anyone, and all are consenting adults, why not pick up a dildo and explore the depths of your soul?

So what are the common sex toys?

Sex toys

Sex toy categories

Dildos –  These are solid objects which are inserted into your preferred openings. They can be phallic shaped, hold a bullet vibrator, worn with a strap-on harness, or long with two ‘heads’ and can be used to please two people at once. Made from glass, silicone, wood, plastic, metal, ceramic, or stone.they vary in price from $5 right through to thousands.

Vibrators – these are similar to dildos. However, these have a motor and vibrate/pulsate. They’re usually made from silicone, and/or plastic, either use batteries or are rechargeable. They come in a variety of styles, bullet, rabbit, wands, and body massagers.

Anal Toys – These are toys specifically designed for anal insertion, meaning they have a cord or flared base for easy retrieval and so it won’t be held hostage by your anal sphincters. They’re strong little buggers. These include plugs, prostate massagers, beads, douche, cones, and pumps (to make opening wider). They can be made from metal, wood, glass, silicone, plastics, rubber, ceramic, and stone.

BDSM – The beautiful world of BDSM products are to help heighten the senses, and for experimenting with control play and enhance power dynamics. These toys include clamps, rope, floggers, paddles, whips, blindfolds, cuffs, collars, needles, pinwheels, electric stimulators, violet wands, gags, pumps, and more. These can be made from a wide variety of materials including,  silk, hemp, wood, metal, cashmere, leather, and fur.

Kegal Exercises – these are small weighted balls, which are inserted into the vagina to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. These can be made from silicone, glass, hard plastic, right through to semi-precious stones. If they’re an individual ball, these are called Ben Wa balls.

Penis Toys – Designed to enhance pleasure to the penis (or take it away). These include, pumps, masturbation sleeves, pins, rings chastity cages, vibrators, and ball weights. Penis toys can be made from metal, plastic, fabric, silicone, glass, and wood.

Furniture – Sex furniture is designed to enhance sexual play, adding to your position repertoire, and can assist with physical ailments. These vary between small foam pillow ramps to help raise the hips, right through to kinky beds where you can tie, clip, chain, cuff, or even cage your partner.

Dolls – This category is self-explanatory, but they range from an affordable blow-up style from $40 right up to a customised, realistic with a skeletal metal structure for thousands of dollars. Most commonly used to have sex with.

Wearables – Mostly used to set the mood. Wearables can be some of the easiest, simple, and affordable ways of starting your toy collection. Ideal for role play! These can include lingerie, costumes, strap-on harnesses and kink wear.

Accessories – Often an essential part of sex or masturbation. Lubricants, massage oils, genital stimulating oils, numbing oils are designed to help sexual pleasure.

They all have various ways they need to be looked after, so please always read the manufacturers instructions BEFORE using the sex toy. You’ll have detailed instructions on how to use, and take care of your sex toy. Your warranty will be valid too, as ‘I didn’t know’ may not get you that replacement you’re looking for.

I encourage you to just get out there and try some sex toys. Your body is filled with an amazing array of nerves just dying to be titillated, and there’s bound to be a sex toy made for that purpose. They’re all different, made for different areas of the body, and stimulate in a variety of ways. One sex toy may not please you for the rest of your life, for every part of your ever changing body. Not to mention the changing technology. I mean, we’ve got access to virtual reality now! Wow!

And that’s the incredible role of sex toys, they encouraging us to explore our bodies. What will this toy do? Will my body like it? Does my body want more vibrations? How do I want sensations delivered? And so on.

Be you new to sex toys, or a person with a house full of them, seek them here, seek them there, have fun and play. There is no shame in exploring your pleasure potential, be it by your hands or a sex toy.

Happy Orgasms!

Narelle Minx x x


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