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Guest Post – The Lickstarter Cheeky Cat Underwear

Hi, di hi Possums.

I’m delighted to have the juicy sex toy blogger, Emmaline Peaches, as my first guest here at The Slinky Minx. Today, Miss Peach is reviewing the Lickstarter Pussy Underwear.  How puuuuurfect.

Cat Underwear by Lickstarter
Cheeky Cat Underwear by Lickstarter available from The Slinky Minx.

Let’s pull up our chaise lounges, and relax as we read of Emmaline Peaches and her pussy adventures.

Take it away Emmaline. Enjoy Possums!

New Year. New Slinky Minx Blog? New…underwear?

Well, why the heck not!

In celebration of having a bit of a site revamp (and a swanky new blog release), the ever-wonderful Narelle provided me with a pair of purrfect underwear for your reviewing pleasure (and my lingerie leisure).

Each fabric offering from Lickstarter is faultless in execution and, to be honest, I could have received any one of the beautiful selection on offer over at The Slinky Minx, but I admit that my grin was larger than the Cheshire Cat’s at receiving this pair of panties.

As you may or may not know, I’m an absolute sucker for puns, plays on words, and pretty much anything where I can slip out a little double entendre with a gleeful high pitched voice and a premature chuckle that reveals my true intent.

And, yes, Mr Peaches did guess that something was up when I asked him if he wanted a glimpse of my cheeky pussy, but I don’t care—it was still endless amounts of fun to get to the reveal. The moment where he burst out laughing, the beaming and unchanging expression of playful joy on my face as he went through a range of emotions, and the endless delight we both experienced when he embraced the absurdity of it all and then me.

The Lickstarter Cheeky Cat Underwear

This is the power of a cheeky pair of underwear. It’s not just wrapping—it’s a farce, and the best kind. An alluring ludicrousness that, when fully embraced, draws us in and allows us to display our vulnerabilities with sheer and utter emotional celebration.

Or, to put it another way. Cheeky underwear is fun. Sex is fun.

Double it up, and you’ve got double the fun.

Of course, all of this would be haphazardly executed if the underwear itself wasn’t of the highest quality.

Thankfully Lickstarter handmakes all their underwear to last out of soft polyester, elastane, and completed with a breathable cotton gusset. This makes them vegan-friendly in addition to being wonderfully silky smooth, which is a bonus in my books.

Who needs silk anyway when this pair of underwear is so wonderfully delicate and incredibly durable. I’ve worn this underwear during long walks, yoga, and kettlebell exercises, and I’ve found them to be consistently comfortable, reliable, and very capable of handling pretty much any situation.

God help Mr Peaches if he ever tries to rip them because the kitty on the front won’t remain the only feline in the room and I’ll instead be the predatory and pissed off kind.

Speaking of the cat itself, let me just say that the detail involved is immaculate. It’s been brilliantly printed, and every single detail is in place. Every single hair is just where it needs to be and that wink…my gosh, it’s fantastic!

The wonderfully rendered grin of this adorable cat really sells the whole aesthetic of these panties and brings the whole thing together in a beautifully visual serenade of “You’re freaky, I’m cheeky. Let’s fuck”.

Then, of course, there’s the side note of packaging. Usually, this is something a reviewer might discuss first but, let’s face it, for most people it is the adornment and debut of underwear that really matters.

Regardless, I was particularly impressed with how my new underwear arrived. Presented in a simple yet effective white cardboard envelope and stamped with the same bawdy feline face, this underwear was packed in such a way that damage to the fabric inside would have been pretty damned unlikely.

Lickstarter Underwear Packaging
An example of Lickstarter’s Underwear Packaging.

Included in this parcel was a little care sheet fun of its own playful excerpt and little nods to the jest of the product itself. I do love a company with a good sense of humour.

The result is a set of underwear that has you primed to feel confident, sexy, and downright burlesque from the very moment you receive the box it comes in. No small feat and something that simply cannot be underestimated when displaying a pair of such assertive and comedic lingerie.

Downsides? It’s hard to give many where underwear is involved, especially when Lickstarter tick so many of the boxes required for a high-quality product.

Of course, a high-quality product does come with a high price, and this may perhaps be the biggest barrier for some, but any set of sex-based underwear usually comes with an increased price tag so this is no great shock to the system.

Would I pay this much for daily underwear? No.

Would I pay it for a pair of panties that immediately sets the mood for a fantastic play session with the mere reveal of a winking feline face? Absolutely.

But at the same time, I also recognise that not everyone will be a fan of this underwear—not least of all dog people who might feel like their pooch is missing out (in more ways than one). I’m with ya to some degree (see Instagram for more than a few photos of my own four-legged friend) but puppies just aren’t as marketable as kittens when the vulva is concerned. It’s a hard reality but one we all have to bow (wow) out heads to in acceptance.

On a less tongue-in-cheek appraisal, it’s also fair to say that those who prefer briefs, thongs, or pretty much any other kind of underwear style may be less inclined to invest in these undergarments.

For such people, it may be a choice of weighing up the options and considering the purpose of such underwear and whether the price and design of this pair fulfils your overall desires. Even if you prefer thongs on a regular basis, you may still feel like the Lickstarter Cheeky Cat Underwear is worth the investment. If not, though, it’s understandable.

And, of course, it’s always important to consider your partner’s preference if this underwear is meant specifically as a display for them. Is this their humour? If not then you might want to look into the full Lickstarter selection rather than just this pair.

Although if you do just want to buy it for your own enjoyment and empowerment then go for it! Buy a pair of these just for you and you’ll be feline fine in no time!

Final Thoughts

Overall, I’m incredibly happy with my newest underwear from down under and I feel very assured that I’ve received a durable, comfortable, and friggin’ amazing pair of underwear that will be the opening act of many play sessions with my partner.

If you’re anything like me—if this underwear even put the slightest grin on your face when you saw it—then just imagine what it will feel like when you own your very own pair and click that buy button without hesitation.

Or, to phrase it another way, buy this underwear right meow!

Recommend to:

People who like stupid puns (like me).

People who have a playful sex life.

People looking for a fun confidence boost.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer different styles.

People with a different sense of humour.

Dog people.

The Lickstarter Cheeky Cat Underwear was provided to me in exchange for an honest review by The Slinky Minx, and I feel absolutely honoured to have my review featured on their site. If you want to know just how enthusiastic I feel about it, then please refer to the winking cat on my crotch. (God I love this underwear).

Thank you for that, Pawsome review Emmaline. Clearly, they have that lovin’ Feline for the underwear.

To find more Meowgical posts from Emmaline Peach, click here.

If you’ve been Pawsuaded to purchase pussy underwear, you can find the Lickstarter range here.

Stay Pawsitive possums!

Narelle Minx x x x


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