Minx Reports

New for Feb!

Where has the time gone Petals? It’s nearly the end of Feb. Eep!  Soon we’ll be hitting the streets for last minute Chrissy gifts. Ahhhh!

Anyway, just a quick note on some new products I have for you to *squee* in delight over.

I’m rather excited to bring these brands to Australia.

First up from Albuquerque are the cheeky and extraordinarily naughty greeting cards by artist Sarah, owner of Her Dirty Dishes. Inspired by porn, sexy-selfies, and bodies, she hand-draws artworks onto  – you guessed it – dishes! If you’re in need of an ejaculating penis on a mug, or a copulating couple on a plate, how about a plate with a ‘fuck you’ on it, then Her Dirty Dishes is the company for you!

Sadly, the postage fees to have those naughty wares posted here, are a little high, to say the least. But! Fortunately, Sarah has put her lascivious talents to excellent use and create a range of greeting cards. I’ll be proudly stocking a selection of them right here. They’re a lot of fun, a little bit naughty and perfect to give as a cheeky card to someone special.

If you have a wicked sense of humour, in need of a card that says screams sex, or you love erotic fun, you need these! Who do you give them too? Well, that’s up to you, dirty minded Grandmother, your neighbour, your long lost love, the recipients are endless! Oh! They’re blank too so you can fill it with your own dirty words, or just allow the card to do all the talking for you if you’re feeling a little shy or tongue-tied.  


Her Dirty Dishes Greeting Cards
Her Dirty Dishes Greeting Cards


Our second new product for February is making me moist. It’s the B.J Dildo by Form Function. I’m beyond thrilled to have this company represented here now, in Australia. So what’s the B.J I you ask? It’s queer heaven on a stick. It’s a game changer in dildos! It’s all the fab bits of exploring gender fluidity. It’s a saving grace for trans individuals. It’s a dildo build to suck i.e., to emulate a blowjob, for those of use born without a bio penis. OMG! Stop the press people! Tell us more you say!

This dildo is hollow, and when worn, creates a suction for the wearer in the ‘right’ areas. Please tell me the idea of this product is getting you all hot and bothered too? Think of the possibilities folks! Feel free to read about Emmaline Peaches experience with it here!

It will be up in the shop on Monday the 26th Feb – just need to do some pics. But it’s as awesome as it sounds and looks folks. I’ve only the colour teal available at this stage, but if it proves popular and the demand is there for the skin shades, I’ll bring them in. Until then, if you would like to put aside your own B.J in teal, before the release date this coming Monday, please email me at admin@theslinkyminx.com.au and I can pop one aside for you. I tell you, folks, this is a game change in dildos!

B.J Dildo by Form Function in Teal
B.J Dildo by Form Function in Teal

I hope you’re all as keen to see these brands here as I am! Keep a look at out for more wonderful goodies coming our way! Gosh, I love supporting handmade brands and artists. Wahoo!


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