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It’s Masturbation Month! But how did it even become a thing?

May. For some, it’s the arrival of cool weather. It’s a reminder that tax time is around the corner. It’s time for Mother’s Day, and 10 birthdays (or is that just me?). You may (boom boom!) find the past four months have raced by and you’re left shaking your head wondering, WTF?

May is also a special time of year. A celebration of an act, which has been looked over in folk music lyrics. An act which still today, people whisper as though it’s a naughty word, like tampon or period, or cunt. An act which today is still seen as an act of the devil, and needs to be resisted. No, we’re not talking about beans – though god knows, they should be stopped and outlawed. We’re talking Masturbation. Or as I fondly call it at this time of year, May-Sturbation.

May is masturbation month, a celebration of the loving oneself, and I love it.

Of course, you can masturbate anytime of the year, but it’s good to know there is a little ‘ol month dedicated to spreading the good word of fingbating and educating people that it’s ok to beat your salami. If it encourages sex ed to be talked about, safe sex discussed, and reduce it’s taboo factor, I’m sold!

Time for me to adorn my teacher outfit and give you a brief history lesson about how MaySturbation month came about.

May became the month or all things self-love, all thanks to the amazing sex shop Good Vibrations in the USA. It began as a response to the firing of a progressive US Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders in 1994. Why? Because she stood up for masturbation! During the conference forum in the United Nations for World’s Aids Day, in response to being asked if promoting masturbation might discourage school-age children from riskier sexual activity, Elder’s agreed. Elders suggested masturbation be taught in schools, sex education in general.

‘In regards to masturbation, I think it’s a part of human sexuality and is a part of something that perhaps should be taught.’

For that, she was fired, dismissed, let go, given the pink slip, aka asked to resign. It seems like Ms Elders had the right idea about sexuality, and I’d just like to point out she wasn’t suggesting it BE taught, just a perhaps. In a smart, and adult society, that should have been a time to open up sexual dialogue. Let’s talk about sex, love, masturbation and begin removing the pre-existing shame. But nope. A great idea to me. It needs to be discussed and shown that it’s ok, rather than it be a shameful act.

The sirens go off, doors come down, and politicians lose their shit. So the natural response was to ask for her resignation. Talk about going about that in an adult manner.

Thank goodness Bill stepped in, after all, someone has to think of the children.


Oh, wait, Elder’s was. Let’s open up dialogue to children, about human sexuality, within a safe environment, and build a nation of sex and body positive people. Thankfully, this did not stop her sex education adventures, and has advocated for abortion rights, gave talks to teens, and many articles, papers regarding all aspects of human sexuality.

Since 14th of May, 1995 Masturbation May has become an iconic international celebration. I for one, am very grateful for it! Thank you, Jocelyn Elders. I’m sorry it lost you your job, but I’m happy that as a result of it, sex education has increased, safer sex awareness has increased, and it’s opened up sexual dialogue on a global scale.

Happy Self Loving!

Narelle Minx  x x x


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