The Slinky Minx started in 2014 with the goal of making FTM Packers more accessible to the Australian Trans and Gender Queer community. From these humble beginnings, The Slinky Minx has expanded into a space for all, discussing sex toys and sex education without shame or judgement

Now, The Slinky Minx is all about celebrating our sexuality, with a sex-positive approach to sexual pleasure, health, & education. The products are selective and varied, with a common body-safe, positive body theme, and specialising in quality handmade sexy goodies.

‘I have procured products from around the globe to tease your senses, tickle your fancies, and naturally, to heighten your orgasm experience. Our chosen brands are the highest quality, often handmade bespoke delights, all body safe, and ethically made.’

Core Values

  • Creating an open space for sex education.
  • Acting as a safe space for those who want to pursue their sexuality.
  • Creating a sense of community spirit and positivity.

‘Anyone stopping by will be met with compassion, empathy, and free from judgement, nor will they be pigeon-holed. Regardless of gender, sexual orientation, relationship status, kink interest, you’re safe and welcomed here. As a sex geek, I’m continuing learning and updating my skills, so I can be supportive and as inclusive as I possibly can.’

About Narelle

The Slinky Minx is the brainchild of Narelle Minx—Lover of the unusual, sex geek extraordinaire, and producer of a damned good cup of coffee in times of need.

An active voice in the sex and sexuality community for over 20 years, Narelle has a strong passion for knowledge and an intense desire to stand up for the rights of others. This manifested itself in the pursuit of academia, with a strong focus on sex education and business management.

Narelle holds a qualification in Somatic Sexology from The Institute of Somatic Sexology and a Business and Marketing qualification from TAFE SA. Both of these have helped inform and inspire her when founding The Slinky Minx.

Narelle is also fully trained in the art of Tantra and Massage and continues to further her knowledge on a daily basis. If there’s a sex-related training course or an adult event going on you can bet that you’ll find Narelle there, and she has attended courses run by prominent educators such as Ducky Doolittle Reid Mihalko, and Ellen Heed.

Narelle brings these skills to The Slinky Minx—pairing a light-hearted approach to sex with a deeply considerate belief in sexual compassion and empowerment.

Narelle is a strong character with fierce beliefs and will always say what she thinks, acting as a champion for sex positivity and trans awareness wherever she goes. You can join her in this endeavour by supporting The Slinky Minx and its many wonderful creators!


Have a query? Not a problem! Narelle is delighted to answer your questions, to find the best products for your needs. You can click here to go to the contact page and fill out a form or email her direct at admin@theslinkyminx.com.au

Narelle is also happy to offer a skype session to find the best products to suit your needs.

If you’re fortunate to live in South Australia, Narelle also runs sex education workshops, toy parties, and ‘Let’s Talk about Sex’ discussion get-togethers. Hosting these are fun, occasionally eye-opening, educational, and designed to help you navigate the world of sex, and have you experiencing more pleasure!

So have a browse, have questions, just ask, and enjoy your shopping experience here at The Slinky Minx.