Is your muff-in need of vibrator advice? Are your lube ideas all dried up? Do you feel the urge to pop a ring around your roses but not sure how? Have a problem with your pickle? Are you wanting to baste yourself in educational workshops but stuck where?

Look no further Possum! I’m here to offer my sex education services.

Be it facilitating a workshop, teaching a group 101, advising you on nifty sex toys, I’m your Minx!

I’m available in various ways: You can fill out the form below, email direct, book a call, post a letter or tweet.  I’ll respond with vigour as soon as I can get to my available device, usually within the day, however, if it’s night time it may be postponed until after my beauty sleep.

You can email me:

Tweet me! @theslinkyminx

Or Mail me:

PO Box 180,

Modbury North  SA 5092