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2017 Fire Rooster – It’s so hot right now.

Please Note: This blog post is meant to be taken in jest and with the essence of wholehearted tomfoolery.  Welcome Possums! And and a heartwarming Happy Year of the Fire Rooster to you! I guess I should feel horrible for the number of puns I’ve been coming up with for this post, but dammit, it’s… Continue reading 2017 Fire Rooster – It’s so hot right now.

Minx Educates

Sex Toy Materials 101

Hello Possums and Welcome to Sex Toy Materials 101. After my previous sex toy basics post – Let’s Chat- Sex Toys 101, I thought it’s time we delve crotch deep, into the controversial world of sex toy materials. ‘Controversial?‘ You say. An enormous ‘YES!‘ I say. But before I go down that path, let’s begin with the basics,… Continue reading Sex Toy Materials 101

Minx & Guest

Guest Post – The Lickstarter Cheeky Cat Underwear

Hi, di hi Possums. I’m delighted to have the juicy sex toy blogger, Emmaline Peaches, as my first guest here at The Slinky Minx. Today, Miss Peach is reviewing the Lickstarter Pussy Underwear.  How puuuuurfect. Let’s pull up our chaise lounges, and relax as we read of Emmaline Peaches and her pussy adventures. Take it away Emmaline. Enjoy Possums! New… Continue reading Guest Post – The Lickstarter Cheeky Cat Underwear

Minxing Around

The Minx’s Top 10 Dil-do’s for 2017.

Is your sex box in need of a boost? Were you discoing with the best when you bought your last dildo? Are you feeling a bit lacklustre sexually? Have you entered 2017 like a tour de force, and need the dildo to go with it? Or are you a dildo connoisseur and just adore being surrounded… Continue reading The Minx’s Top 10 Dil-do’s for 2017.

Minx Educates

Let’s chat- Sex Toys 101

I just want to say right off the bat, that it’s perfectly fine if you’re not into sex toys. That’s great that you know your personal desires. Sex toys aren’t for everyone, and that’s ok. While this post may not grab you, it may provide you with some knowledge to help someone in the future.… Continue reading Let’s chat- Sex Toys 101

Minx Reports

New Year, New Style!

A top of the New Year to you! I brought in the year with a Lord of The Rings marathon, fine chocolates and heading to the airport to watch fireworks. Yes, the airport. It’s the best-kept secret in Adelaide! What did you petals do to welcome the new year in? Fireworks watching? Enjoying an expensive… Continue reading New Year, New Style!

Musings From the Minx

2016, that’s a wrap!

Well, Possums. 2016. It’s certainly been an exciting year. Ups, downs, leaps forwards, steps backwards, whichever way you look, it’s been memorable. We’ve had our fair share of financial falls, emotional blows, and political shocks. But the one thing which always hits me the most is the ability of humanity to shine through. People have risen… Continue reading 2016, that’s a wrap!